Flying Eagle Pilates:Golf

Flying Eagle Pilates has developed a core training workout geared specifically toward golfers, and it is based in fundamental Pilates principles.  In recent years, the benefits of Pilates for golfers have been well documented, and countless players know that Pilates dramatically improves golf performance.  Pilates conditioning is a valuable cross training tool for golfers, and Pilates stretches and tones those muscles most used in golf. Flying Eagle Pilates’ golf workout will help golfers achieve better posture, alignment and flexibility, providing them with more power and control from the tee, enabling them to hit the ball straighter and farther than ever before.  Another key component of the Pilates golf workout is injury prevention.  Many golf-related injuries are a result of muscle overuse.  This customized Pilates workout for golfers is actually a set of exercises that will aid in rehabilitation and prevent further golfing related injuries.