PurEternal Skin & Sun Protection for Golfers

Taking care of your skin entails using the necessary protection such as sunscreen. If there are reasons for the speeding up of the aging process, sun exposure is among the top.

Shielding yourself from the sun helps you avoid the sun’s UV rays.  One great product that all golfers should be using is Pureternal.  Not only will it help with sun related damage, but it also protects from harmful UV rays that the  Contrary to what most people know, skin darkening is not the only undesirable consequence of sun exposure. The sun’s rays activate certain chemical reactions on the skin that cause the formation of oxygen-based free radicals. These free radicals are a great potential harm not only to the skin but also in the over-all health of an individual. They lead to the formation of certain diseases like cancers. When it comes to skin concern, on the other hand, they cause the appearance of dry and wrinkled skin, plus the pigmentation or skin darkening- matters collectively known as skin aging.

For these reasons, Anti Aging Sunscreen works in two ways. First, it helps the skin by reacting with the UV rays. This would prevent the UV rays from penetrating the skin and hence, further skin reactions are eliminated. Second, they have skin essential nutrients like vitamins C and E that help restore the youthful appearance of the skin. These vitamins inhibit the formed free radicals on the skin by reacting with them and thus, reducing their harmful effects. Further to that, they can also increase the production of collagen that subsequently boosts skin elasticity for a more supple appearance of skin.

Anti Aging Sunscreen products are available in different formulations. Some of them may not contain the skin nutrients mentioned above and may appear in pure synthetic forms of sun blocking compounds. If you want a more natural formulation, however, plus the additional benefits, you might probably wish to use a sunscreen that contains anti aging skin cream nutrients just what have been mentioned above.

Your Skin & The Sun

Although scientists argue about what is causing the ozone layer to shrink, they are in agreement about one problem. The fact is that the sun’s rays are becoming more dangerous each year. Cancer rates are up, and individuals need to take precautionary measures. Here is what you need to know about sunscreen so that you can keep your skin healthy.

Sunburns can be easily prevented. Most dermatologists say that the best way to prevent sunburn is to wear sunscreen daily and avoid going outside during the sunny hours of the early afternoon. If you do go outside right after lunch, make sure you apply sunscreen before going outside. A sunburn can occur in just fifteen minutes if your skin is unprotected. If you do not apply enough sunscreen and you do get a sunburn, treat it with a soothing product that contains vitamin E. Vitamin E can soothe your skin and reduce skin inflammation.
Adults are not the only ones who need to wear sunscreen. Children should also wear sunscreen daily. Just one childhood sunburn can increase a child’s chances of getting cancer later in life. Sunscreen can help protect a child’s skin both now and in the future.

Women can protect the skin on their face by using foundation that contains sunscreen. If you normally wear make-up, this is an easy way to remember to apply sunscreen to your face daily. Women with oily skin or who are prone to break-outs should look for a sunscreen and foundation product that is non-comedogenic.

Avoiding the sun’s rays does not mean that you have to forgo a tan. You can get an artificial tan that looks just like the real deal by using sunless tanning products. When applied correctly, sunless tanners can give your skin a golden glow.

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